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AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Horrible arrogant, rude staff! Russian speaking bitch had thrown my bowl of salad in front of me in a silence, no "Enjoy", no "bon apetite", no "Your order, Sir", nothi... read more

Prague #3,296 rating: 1/5

Beautiful place                                                                                                      ... read more

Třebíč #3,213 rating: 5/5

The best burgers ever !!! And lovely Service . Im happy to be there . If u go to Ostrava u need to visit this bar!? Burgers & smoothie & Beers !!!!!

Ostrava #3,008 rating: 5/5

We were waiting for the service for 30 minutes. I am never coming back to this evil place... I don't recommand this "caffe" bar.

Loučná pod Klínovcem #2,953 rating: 1/5

Terrible business, there it was like in the smokehouse, beer terrible, they had no chips, staff terrible, very rude guests

Sušice #2,928 rating: 1/5

Thanks a lot, nice cars! It was my second experience in renting, before that I was in Hertz, and gave them 1400 EUR deposit for Fabia. Here was just 200!

Prague #2,506 rating: 5/5

We were here more times with chidren and they like the it. Service is perfect. Simply everybody should try it. With or withou bicycle. Come to slow down :o)

Jevany #2,396 rating: 5/5

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