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AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Horrible arrogant, rude staff! Russian speaking bitch had thrown my bowl of salad in front of me in a silence, no "Enjoy", no "bon apetite", no "Your order, Sir", nothi... read more

#3,296 rating: 1/5

Thanks a lot, nice cars! It was my second experience in renting, before that I was in Hertz, and gave them 1400 EUR deposit for Fabia. Here was just 200!

#2,506 rating: 5/5

I strongly recommend you to NEVER do business with this design studio. Business ethics is something they know nothing about!

#2,273 rating: 1/5

Nice Thai takeaway with fresh daily menus - always some kind of curry, pad thai and stir fried meat. You can also order papaya salad (best in Prague). Great and helpful staff.

#1,968 rating: 5/5

By far the best escape game adventure I have ever tried! Highly recommended.

#955 rating: 5/5

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